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02-Nov-2017 15:42

The gossip even follows that she was planning to get married and know how it is like having a husband. However, she is secretive when it comes to her personal issues.Now there is no officially news of Azmarie dating anyone officially but we are not so sure who she is having romance behind the scenes. But this time she shares openly about her breakup with Raven.Even if this isn't a concrete sign that the two are still together now, it definitely shows that they are still on good terms.It would be super weird for Adam to post this picture if they had a bad breakup.When the fans asked about how she is doing after the break up. By this we can infer she is doing just fine and embracing this change positively.Azmarie Livingston is a popular lesbian fashion model, actress and singer.Then there's the fact that both Raven and Adam attended Bryan and Rachel's engagement party in Dallas.Though there isn't a picture of them together, they each posted a picture posing with the happy new couple: Adam even hints that there was "love in the air" during the party — even though this is explicitly a reference to Rachel and Bryan's recent engagement, it could also totally be a sly way of admitting that he and Raven are still a happy couple.

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“Created more memories on a Well deserved party/Vaca memorial weekend in Puerto Rico with many other people! While we can’t be sure if this picture is just mere affection between two longtime friends or a snap of the couple giving their relationship another try, we’re wishing them the very best on their potential reconciliation!

Azmarie has a career of music, acting and modeling. She is currently a recurring character on Fox Network’s new hit show Empire as Chicken as Hakeem’s best friend and DJ.