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All of the groups broke off to divvy up the work when my teacher came over to my group.

Wouldn't it be "easier" and more fun for me if my group did our presentation as a rap? I have no history writing any kind of music, much less a full 3 or 4 minutes of rap verses for me and my teammates. The other kids just expected it to be natural for me.

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So, rather than tell the White kids that no, they couldn't rummage through my hair, I just said yes and sat there quietly while they marveled at how my hair felt.

I'd asked some girls out before, and some of them said yes, but when you're 13 or 14 years old, what does "going out" even mean? After all, I was living in an overwhelmingly White community and it's not like I was a heartthrob, so I was in no position to tell a girl who liked me that I was only interested in dating a Black girl.

I might've never had a girlfriend if that was the line I drew. We got along well and had similar interests and stuff.

An essay posted on Facebook about growing up black in the Midwest by former Naperville resident Brian Crooks is going viral, much to the surprise of the Neuqua Valley graduate. Surely Brian is the perfect choice for those passages.

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"I really didn't set out to write a treatise on black life," said Crooks, whose family moved to Naperville's south side... All the while, I felt the eyes of my fellow students on me. So, having an entire classroom of White kids stare at me while I explained what lynching and Black Codes were was pretty mortifying.•••In 8th grade, I went to a friend's house to jump on his trampoline.When it came time to read about Jim Crow, it was my turn. We're jumping on the trampoline and the girls come out of their house and come over into his yard.