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Open, grassy areas are usually the first to experience frost while areas under trees are more protected because the trees help prevent the heat from escaping.Homeowners can extend the fall season and provide this same type of protection if they cover their plants when a frost is expected.Through SCI’s use of technology, such as 3-dimensional subterranean Li DAR and Sonar surveys, borehole camera systems and GIS, we are able to develop a more reliable interpretation of the historic mine maps.

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Frost events can be classified as either radiation frosts (when skies are clear and winds are light) or as advection frosts (when winds are moderate to strong).Urban areas have more trees and heated buildings than outlying areas so temperatures are slightly warmer, which delays frost.Advection frosts result from deep cold air masses entering the region from Canada.Plants near heated buildings sometimes are spared too.

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However, we've all noticed how car windows tend to frost up early and often because cars are very efficient at radiating their heat back into the atmosphere, causing them to cool off rapidly when car engines are shut off.Pit subsidence results in depressions that are 6 to 8 feet deep and range from 20 to 40 feet in diameter.