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Depending on what the song needs, how the rooms sounds, and what is working on any given day, Billy will kick on either one of these Gibson GA-15RV 1x12 Goldtone combos that he also uses for his other band, Ashes Divide.Currently, the one on the bottom is the favored combo, which was actually uses parts and was built in the U. whereas the top combo was constructed with American components and assembled in the U. To accomplish all the soundscapes A Perfect Circle implements (and reduces headaches and anxiety), Howerdel leans on a Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II.-era of the band, but slowly made his way to humbuckers and Gibsons.Here is a 1984 Gibson Les Paul Custom he’s had since the mid-’90s.Onstage, he controls everything with a Voodoo Lab Ground Control.

All of his guitars, including this beast, has an added cap so when he rolls off the volume he doesn’t lose any of the guitar’s tone.

He prefers to play with Jim Dunlop Tortex .73 mm picks.