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Quickly, she became addicted to the jarring lifestyle. "Ever take anything up that fresh young ass of yours? Smith's chest and her delicate asshole was exposed, even as the husband kept on thrusting upwards to her pussy. Annie was mentally prepared for anal penetration, but not for the harsh spanking that came instead. With each strike, Annie's ass and pussy clenched in pain and pleasure. Cheng, brush handles are very useful for punishments.

She was a sweet, young Asian girl from San Francisco, well-mannered and hardworking. Spanking is all well and fine, but I want to give you a lesson to remember." As the brush handle made contact with Annie's pucker, she jerked forward, eyes wide.

Annie Cheng knew more about female sexuality than most could ever understand. Hollace I assume," the wife said with a raised eyebrow. Soft, feminine hands rubbed Annie's bare shoulders.

It was the result of a chance encounter with the owner of the cruise line for which she worked. She knew she was about to be taken in her tight little ass. The soft hands roughly pushed Annie's shoulders down so that her elbows rested on Mr. Annie looked back in shock to see a brush handle making contact with her now tender ass. Smith was wearing a strap on and counted the strokes aloud; she reached fifteen.

So It may be awhile before I can be 100 percent sexy on cam.

i really want to be a debauched goddess, and dive deep into the most perverse within our collective consciousness....

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It was her second year on the job as an attendant, and her first time extending sexual services to others. For years, we've discussed sharing our bedroom pleasures with another woman. Before taking this job, she had been a prominent member of the Asian community in the bay area. He remained on his knees, with his head down and cock fully erect. Annie looked down at her chest to see her that her precious nipples bulged at the tips from being clamped. The wooden handle felt wet and lubed against her anus. "If you relax it won't hurt as much." The tip of the strap-on was lubricated. So in the time i'm not on cam i try to immerse myself in work on music. We are also very OPEN MINDED by adding videos to our site for those late lonely night that we’ve all had!A hot breeze from the summer night blew up Annie's skirt. " the woman asked, tilting her head down to peer at Annie over the thickly framed glasses in a scolding manner. After unbuttoning the top of her shirt she held it open to reveal a collar embossed with silver letters. It was the ultimate contradiction, one she'd never understand. They were nearly the size and shape of small erasers. Nearly all of her previous orgasms had been from vaginal stimulation. Even after the intense climax, Annie focused on her duty. He grabbed Annie by the hips and bounced her furiously, fucking the tight little pussy with all his might, as her Asian cunt was filled with hot cum. The pace of the strap-on anal fucking slowed as well. The strap-on was pulled out of her anus at a deliberately slow pace, as if to torture her one last time. Unlike traditional medicine, this was warm and creamy. She pressed her lips tightly around the spoon and ingested the elixir. The energy between them was so deviantly dirty that she craved more. Smith was certainly one to oblige, and went below for more cum. Being thorough, she even used the tip of the spoon to scrape the edges of Annie's labia. This is your penance." Annie opened her mouth again and she was fed warm cum from her used pussy. "I feel like you've disciplined me into becoming a good girl." "The way all girls should be," Mrs. Most importantly, she made sure the Fuck Doll collar was neatly hidden under the top of the shirt. Annie felt liberated and powerful as she left to the open air of the ship, knowing she had satisfied the couple.

She had never walked on deck without panties before. The collar read: Fuck Doll "The situation is more dire than I thought, Ms. What kind of girl would wear a collar bearing those words? Exposing them always gave Annie a tremendous thrill, whether it was to the handful of lovers she'd had over the years, or to doctors (male or female) for a medical check-up. This was the first time she had ever orgasmed through the potent combination of a pussy fuck, a sodomized asshole, and nipple torture. She kept her body composed so that the Smiths could continue ravishing her sex holes. Smith said in wicked delight, continuing to rock the strap-on into the Asian girl's asshole. Her now free rectum felt hollow and her pussy felt full of cum. But this time, she tilted the spoon sideways and inserted it straight into Annie's pussy. "Two spoons are the recommended dosage for a slut of your magnitude," Mrs Smith said, holding up the spoon to feed. The degradation could not have been any greater, nor the level of exhilaration. Her self confidence soared, even as cum leaked from her pussy and the warm summer wind breezed up her skirt.Annie pulled a special key-card out of her pocket and opened the door to Room 305. Pushing the door slightly, she felt like an intruder. To walk in on someone unannounced was just plain rude. She closed the door gently and took off her shoes, the way every good Asian girl should. On the bedside table were seemingly innocuous household products: clothes pins, a smooth handled hair brush, a spoon and a small bottle of oil.

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