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One was even his secretary letting him know another woman had called and he needed to call her back.

I thought his secretary was my friend, so hearing that voice mail really hurt.

He told me the pictures of his three daughters were his nieces, his wife his sister.

He told everyone this, even my parents and son, all my (our)friends.

I discovered a double life, I pieced it together and found that when he was the cruelest to me it was when he had an affair going on.Inscrivez-vous en contactant Céline au 06 56 74 43 75 ou par mail.Retrouvez nous sur facebook: Montpellier-Culture-Sport-Adapté pour retrouver des informations sur évènements ainsi que des photos! Retrouvez ici toutes les dernières actualités de l'association et toutes les informations concernant nos actions : activités hebdomadaires, interventions, séjours de vacances adaptés ou bien nos évènements...He would be angry at me and tell me I was not a good woman, but then next I was the most “ravishing” “smartest” woman he had ever known, he talked about me and bad mouthed me behind my back to his family and ex-wife (she helped perpetuate this) and his girlfriends, friends and daughters.

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I found these degrading emails about me when I went on the search for truth after the phone call (when he meant to call the other woman) he made to me by mistake 4 years ago.I have posted here several times, but have never shared my story. Mine did not end with my husband caring enough to get help and change his ways. When I got the phone call he did not recognize my voice or that he had dialed me, even repeated him self when I said “what?

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