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But that had been before her brother came back from Vietnam. Read On Added: | Category: Group Sex | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 6,000 | Tags: hollywood blowjob anal actress sex party fingering group sex | 49 Comments Once a month, Kitty plays hard. It was a change from the hundreds of notifications she'd been getting all day from her Insta feed. She eyed the screen as she leaned over her makeup table, applying her signature red to plum ombré lips. What you should fear Is Passion's voice When it calls Low and subtle Because when she speaks It feels like the wind Against your skin Right before it sweeps upward And whispers in the leaves of trees It is your new name you hear What you will now call yourself That pulls your eyes to the sky That loosens a joyous tear Passion is the color of twilight Where darkness and light interchange... I can taste your scent in my mouth as if licked from your hot skin: hints of orange peel body...

Young, naked, and skinny, she stood alone and vulnerable on a hill surrounded by flames where... The sender's name was all she caught before the screen blacked out again; it made her plump,... Read On Added: | Category: Erotic Poems | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 487 | Tags: passion nature love power sex hate poetry | 54 Comments Nobody knew what to do. Read On Added: | Category: Love Poems | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 265 | Tags: love passion bed morning dawn sunrise sunlight | 51 Comments Let me be your Juliet, standing proud upon the balcony Golden hair a crown of fire as it’s kissed by the sun Distracting you, the sweetness of your adoration forgotten As you gaze heavenwards, lust burning in your loins You came to woo me with your words, you claim To praise me with the poetry that sings in your heart To make love to me as the dawn breaks over Verona I don’t want to...

Each month our Editors pick those which we believe are exceptional.

These stories will be easily recognised with an award next to the story itself, as well as in the Author's profile area, and of course listed in this section. Vasily's mysterious and attractive houseguest annoys Carie to action “Fuck.” Carie tilted her head to the side and repeated, “Fuck.” She observed her lips in the mirror carefully.

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They prefer sucker punches of ball-busting reality and the...

Hence we've created this “Editors’ Picks” page, where we call out what we believe are some truly extraordinary pieces of writing.

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When Tom had read it – it was a short piece – he folded the paper and leaned back in his chair. They’re not important or consequential enough to make a lasting impression. Her thumb was out, but it wasn't the first thing Warren noticed.

After a minute he rose, shuffled to the sideboard and in an orderly way pulled out its drawers and placed them next to each other on the floor of his kitchen-diner. Read On Added: | Category: Straight Sex | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 2,994 | Tags: cheating older man books library | 31 Comments I’m good at my job. The New York State Library found a partial copy of William Blake's First Book of Urizen , and they called a team of experts to authenticate it. Had there been any other traffic besides his BMW on the tree-lined state highway, her figure would have stopped it."Knock it off, Saint Nick," I said in a low, indulgent tone. Read On Added: | Category: Quickie Sex | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 1,592 | Tags: older younger tickle panties hijinks oral sex straigt sex | 41 Comments Who loves a Christmas pantomime? She was bracing herself against the table while Gary enthusiastically scuttled her from behind.

In 1963, My dad bought a maroon 2dr hardtop Galaxie, with black bench seats.… continue reading »

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