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A Student's Guide to Textual Criticism of the Bible.

The tetragrammaton (YHWH) or trigrammaton (YHW) do not occur in any extant Greek manuscripts of the New Testament.

the divine name was originally written in the NT quotations of and allusions to the OT, but in the course of time it was replaced by surrogates". VII 1007] (2nd half III AD) two yodhs (…) appear for the Divine Name.

No Jewish manuscript of the Septuagint has been found with Κύριος representing the tetragrammaton, and it has been argued, but not widely accepted, that the use of Κύριος shows that later copies of the Septuagint were of Christian character, "It has been suggested that two OT papyri, listed here as Christian, are actually Jewish. A second hand wrote the Divine Name as κυριος with a differente ‘pen’ from the rest of the text in 9 [ie, P. IV 656] (II/III AD), perhaps a second writer assigned to insert the Divine Name.

'" Feneberg further notes that "in pre-Christian manuscripts for Greek-speaking Jews, God's name was not paraphrased with kýrios [Lord], but was written in the tetragram form in Hebrew or archaic Hebrew characters. At a later time, surrogates such as 'theos' [God] and 'kyrios' replaced the Tetragram...

There is good reason to believe that a similar pattern evolved in the NT, i.e.

New Testament Manuscripts: Discovery and Classification. Retrieved May 19, 2013, from The American Thinker: M.

This is not sufficient reason, however, to conclude that these two papyri are Jewish, since Jewish strands within early Christianity existed throughout the period under review, as we noted earlier. VII 1007] is a Christian papyrus – and the use of the nomen sacrum θς would seem to support this – it is the only example of an attempt to write something resembling Hebrew characters in a Christian manuscript.".

Hence, this practice may just reflect current practice in Jewish-Christian groups, which did not fade away as rarly or as completely as is often thought. Mugridge concludes that early Gentile Christians could write the divine name, but that later Christians "replaced the Tetragrammaton by Kyrios, when the divine name written in Hebrew letters was not understood any more." Professor Robert J.

Extant Greek New Testament manuscripts contain the Greek word Kyrios (Lord) in Old Testament quotes where the Hebrew manuscripts contain the tetragrammaton.

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Some translations insert the tetragrammaton or another name of God into the New Testament where Kyrios appears in the available text.

The oldest extant New Testament fragments that contain quotations of Old Testament verses containing the tetragrammaton are from the 3rd century CE onward (P46, P66, P75), almost two centuries after the originals.

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