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07-Jul-2017 16:16

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The person who adores him for what he does, but also is there to push him further when he feels like quitting or when things are tough.Just because he seems certain and headstrong, he still needs someone to push him to keep chasing after what he wants.If you become the person who always pokes holes in his plan, you become his adversary. All he needs to see is that you’re on his side and willing him to get there, even if he knows his ideas are a little outlandish right now.He’ll feel antipathy towards you, and feel like he has to fight against your resistance. Even though you want to avoid excessive criticism, you still should definitely contribute and ask questions.Both are responsible for all manner of great and terrible historical deeds.When a guy wants to show off his master plan for his future to a woman, it’s his way of puffing out his chest and displaying a unique ability only he possesses.Always remember, even if they are frustrating at times, ambitious guys are basically getting out of bed in the morning to impress you.If you show you’re on his side and have the same drive to succeed, he’ll be the best teammate you ever have.

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Him seeing you prioritise your own plans is going to reassure him that you’re independent and make you more intriguing.

Encourage his abilities and even suggest at times that he’s underselling himself.

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