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The zapateado can literally reduce even the most resistant dance floor to splinters because of the force with which it is danced.

Another kind of music related to the son and intimately connected with a particular dance is the jarabe.

Ronstadt came from a leading Arizona ranch family who had a long tradition of making and singing Mexican folk music.

In 1987, her Canciones De Mi Padre disc was a surprise smash hit with the American public and brought Mariachi music to a level of recognition and credibility it had not seen before north of the border.

No discussion of Mariachi dance would be complete without mentioning the famous Jarabe Tapatio - the Mexican Hat Dance.

During the 1930s, however, many mariachi took to wearing the traje de charro, consisting of a waist-length jacket and tightly fitted wool pants which open slightly at the ankle to fit over a short riding boot.

Both pants and jacket are often ornamented with embroidery, intricately cut leather designs, or silver buttons in a variety of shapes.

This theory was probably first put forward by Alfonso Reyes.

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Another probable theory of the origin of the word mariachi is that it originated in the language of the Cora, an indigenous people of Nayarit (not Jalisco where the band originated).

Although the roots of the Mariachi go back hundreds of years, there are no Bachs or Beethovens in its early history because Mariachi music was the music of country people.

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