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Salvage vehicles are typically property of insurance companies due to circumstances that led its prior owner to submit a claim resulting in a settlement.Some of them are theft recovered vehicles commonly found with minimal damage; while many others have been involved in a collision, vandalized or have water not legit and charges money for nothing but a web search that any internet user can do for free. Time to share recipes, bake pies, pull your Christmas or Hanukkah decorations out of the attic, and talk about which Black Friday sales you plan on shopping.Black Friday has lon SAVE YOUR MONEY, PAY AND LOADS YOUR COMPUTER FULL OF SH&T AND THEN YOU SPEND THE REST OF THE NIGHT REMOVING IT.TRY THE CONTACT FORM AT BOTTOM OF PAGE DOESNT EVEN WORK JUST FOR LOOKS.TAKES YOU TO IAA AND COPART WEBSITES TO PURCHASE VEHICLES FROM.....You can sign up online with Auto Source for .00 to search through the site.Vehicles may be purchased online or in person and can be paid for using a credit card, cash, Pay Pal, cashier’s check or money wire. Many online forums and reviews have alleged that this site is a scam and stated that they were highly dissatisfied with the service or lack thereof.

this sight helped me a lot thanks to much internet scams like this out there just like compute source people out there look for people who are looking for a good deal and take advantage of you be careful best to go to local stores are company's I found the Auto site , ran down to the car to get my wallet and thought that I would Google it before I gave them my .

I am glad I didn't lose money on this and get taken.