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07-Nov-2017 19:19

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If you know a bit the international phonetic alphabet (IPA) here is the phonetic transcription of "Ar fi trebuit să-ți spun că te iubesc": /ar fi it sət͡sʲ spun kə te ju'besk/.If you do not know IPA just say it from your heart and it will be as good or even better than a native speaker.Hello, I have a girlfriend that lives in Bucuresti and this is the only site that I have found where everything written actually makes sense to her..says Google translate is basically useless. Only her "openmindedness" is still a uncomfortable subject for me to get used to... and now she starts to see (we met in november 2015) that I have sincere intentions with her... especially after I had decided not to get back in a new relation after my Polish wife had thrown me on the street in june 2015, leaving me completely with nothing left...

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However the two are not completely interchangeable, in some expressions only one or another can be used. I'm planning to add quite a few cute romantic nicknames to call your Romanian girlfriend. For the language course, actually we have already started some language classes that can be found here All the best The Admin Hi, I have met a Romanian woman here in my country Belgium through dating site. to have someone who I can love unconditionally without being afraid of getting abused, be cheated...I'd love to see more phases or quotes or expressions. It makes me happy to hear that this online Romanian lesson was helpful to you.