Corinne bailey rae dating again

19-Sep-2017 22:16

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Now, every time you roll your eyes at some ridiculous product placement for Plentyof (have you EVER met anyone who's actually used that Ke$ha/Britney/Gaga-endorsed dating site?) or a certain luxury car, electronics logo, fragrance or alcohol brand when you're just trying to watch Katy Perry shoot pyrotechnics from her boobs already thank you very much can we get on with it, you can thank Lady Gaga.Sure, the truth is I really shouldn't have to work this hard to appreciate a pop great, and I hope this album Gaga has in store gives us a lot more than lazy Madonna rewrites and Elton John piano ballads, so stay tuned for that.

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That medium, I might remind you, was on life support at the time, as MTV and VH1 found more profit in sensationalist horror stories about teenage mothers and media-savvy Italian kids from New Jersey than uninspired clips of stars lip synching to familiar songs, when the same stars could be increasingly seen nearly anywhere, thanks to a newly televised tabloid culture and a shortage of mega celebrities in a music scene inhabited mostly by non-visual hip hop artists and a lot of B-list artists with one or two hits apiece.

For that I am truly grateful.) Let's return for a moment to the inspiration behind this blog's title, since it relates to one of these bones thrown by Gaga via the "Born This Way" video (which you can watch above if you need a refresher).

I relayed the full story in a pair of posts (here and here) during my first month writing this blog, but to summarize, I wanted to select a title from the lyrics of one of the handful of artists most important to me, initially hoping to use something specifically referring to music.

Lady Gaga is probably the definition of a pop music postmodernist.

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True, postmodernist theory and philosophy hasn't exactly been applied to pop music in any definitive sense (yet...

I still think the triplet of Hitchcock references in "Bad Romance" look better than they translate ("want you in my Rear Window baby, you're sick" has been convincingly interpreted to mean one of two things, one significantly less work-safe than the other), but I liked the nerdy shout-out.

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