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James, on the other hand, identifies with Nath—and for him, that’s not a positive feeling.Frederick Busch, whom I met at the University of Michigan, said that he always wrote about what terrified him most, and as a man who’d been married for decades, that was divorce or losing a spouse. In my earliest conception of this story, I hadn’t really considered race; in my head, they were just .Ever since I was a child—and still, actually—the most terrifying thing I can imagine is losing someone you love. Then a mentor asked about the ethnicity of the characters, and I started to realize that many of the feelings of being an outsider made a lot of sense if the father of the family were Asian, and the family mixed.When I was reading , I felt as if the Lee family’s sorrows could easily have been my own. I’m always drawn to tragedies, because I’m fascinated by how people react. How did you decide to write about an AMWF (Asian Male, White Female) relationship?

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I think many writers are drawn to write about their fears as a way of domesticating—or at least managing—them. I didn’t sit down and consciously make that decision.Someone recently asked if I’d purposely made the father Asian, as opposed to the mother, in order to avoid the “Tiger Mom” stereotype.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Henry Denke and Esther Votroubek; daughter, Barbara; son, Carl; brothers and sisters-in-law, Harold and Hilda Denke, Helmuth and Marie Denke, Adolph and Violet Denke, Julius Denke, and Eugene and Marge Denke; sister and brother-in-law, Clara and Thurston Crose. Wednesday, December 27, 2017, at Blessed Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Sturgis with Pastor John Fries officiating.… continue reading »

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